Recipe – Handmade Maple-Vanilla Whipped Cream

Handmade Maple-Vanilla Whipped Cream

Yields 1.5 cups

3/4 Cup of Heavy Cream (Fresh is best, but store bought works too)
2 Tbsp. Ben’s Grade B Maple Syrup
1/2 Tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract
Ground Cinnamon (Optional)

I use this recipe whenever I feel a dessert or breakfast needs to be especially jaw-dropping. Make sure you have some time and energy, or lots of willing helpers, before taking this on. The hand whipping can get a little tiring, but I swear it makes the whipped cream so much more satisfying!

First, you’ll need to chill the bowl that you’ll be whipping the cream in. Something with high sides, ideally ceramic or glass, that will keep the cream from splashing everywhere while you’re working with it. I just put it in the freezer for five minutes and call it good. The cold bowl will help keep the cream at a lower temperature, which helps it to whip faster. You can do it at room temperature, but it’ll take a bit longer.

Next, pour the cream, the maple syrup, and the vanilla extract into the chilled bowl. Test to make sure it’s as sweet as you want it, adjusting the amount of maple syrup and vanilla to your liking. Now, it’s time to give it texture.

Using a whisk, start quickly stirring the cream in small circles. You’ll be at it for at least a few minutes straight, so it’s good to change hands, tag out with a partner, of switch to a different “Whipping Pattern.” I’ve found that small circles, zig-zag lines, and figure eights are some good patterns to keep my hand from cramping up. You can use an electric mixer for this part, but I feel that using a whisk is much more satisfying and also keeps you out of danger from over-whipping and ending up with maple butter. As more air gets introduced, you’ll notice the whisk leaving “trails” in the cream. This is a good sign! The cream is thickening up and starting to hold its shape. Keep at it until the whipped cream holds to the whisk and leaves a stiff peak.

Dollop on pancakes, french toast, waffles, pies, and just about anything sweet. I always add a dash of cinnamon for presentation. If you have some left over, you can freeze it to eat like ice cream, thaw it to use again as topping. Enjoy!

-Recipe Submitted by David Runge

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