In The News: Ben’s Sugar Shack expanding in new location in Temple, NH

The Monadnock Ledger-Transcript featured a story on October 14th about our new location in Temple:

By spring, Fisk hopes to be set up in the Sugar Shack’s new home — on 15 acres of land he recently purchased…

Fisk has long had his eye on a property at the end of Webster Highway, abutting Route 101. The 15 acres of land has been on the market for several years, and Fisk said he has always wanted to buy it. It was just a matter of raising the capital and this was the year for that.

The current location of Ben’s Sugar Shack will likely become storage, he said, and he’ll take the opportunity of the blank slate of land to build a sugar shack that’s tailor-made for his needs. A separate room for the evaporator, so that tours can be given without interrupting the rest of the operations. A larger gift shop to sell products on-site. More storage space to accommodate the products from the additional trees he tapped this year. The buildings will start to go up the moment he has his building permit, said Fisk, and he hopes to officially move operations by springtime.

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